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Serge Reggiani on stage (CD)


Rediscover the best moments of the grand period of Reggiani on stage during his tours in Quebec in 1969, 1971 and 1976.

For the first time, a double CD of Serge Reggiani live with:

  • 29 songs in previously unpublished versions
  • including 2 duos with his son Stéphan REGGIANI
  • an added bonus: 3 exclusive interviews
  • a booklet with unpublished documents


All his greatest hits (Le petit garçon, Les loups sont entrés dans Paris, Sarah, L’Italien, Ma liberté...)

Poems by Prévert, Apollinaire, Baudelaire as preludes to his songs

Some less well known songs to discover (Arlequin assassiné, Ballade pour un traitre, le souffleur…)

Georges Brassens – J’ai rendez-vous avec vous (CD)


Rediscover 22 of Georges Brassens’ most prestigious or revealing titles recorded for the most part by Jacques Canetti: J’ai rendez-vous avec vous, La mauvaise réputation, Chanson pour l’Auvergnat, Le gorille, Une jolie fleur..

And for the first time, an exclusive bonus: 2 surprising and touching interviews in which Brassens recounts his childhood, his first steps in the profession and his relationship with “Socrates” aka Jacques Canetti, his friend and producer.

Juliette Greco – Si tu t’imagines (CD)


Rediscover 19 successful songs by the “Muse de Saint Germain”, partly recorded by Jacques Canetti: Si tu t’imagines, Sous le ciel de Paris, Les feuilles mortes, Rue des Blancs-Manteaux…

And for the first time an exclusive bonus: interviews with Juliette Gréco in which she describes how she discovered Saint Germain des Prés and the Tabou, how she became the “muse” of Saint Germain, her beginnings in music, her decisive encounter with Jean-Paul Sartre…

Francis Lemarque – A Paris (CD)


Includes 17 of Francis Lemarque’s biggest successes, some of which were recorded with Jacques Canetti: A Paris, Bal petit bal, Le petit cordonnier, Toi tu ne ressembles à personne…

For the first time an exclusive bonus: interviews with Francis Lemarque in which he recounts his childhood and teenage years, his beginnings, his friendship with Prévert, his songs…and recites Complainte de la rue by Raymond Asso.

Produit Mouloudji - Un jour tu verrasOut Of Stock

Mouloudji – Un jour tu verras (CD)


Includes 20 of Mouloudji’s most successful songs, some of which were recorded by Jacques Canetti: Un jour tu verras, Le déserteur, Si tu t’imagines, Comme un p’tit coquelicot, Mon pot’ le gitan…

And, for the first time, an exclusive bonus : interviews with Mouloudji in which he talks about his childhood, his diverse occupations (actor, singer, writer, painter), his beginnings in the music business, the new chanson française, Damia…
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Edith Piaf – La Vie en Rose (CD)


Includes 19 successes of the Môme Piaf partly recorded by the man who helped her to take her first steps in the world of music; Jacques Canetti : La vie en rose, Padam Padam, l’Hymne à l’amour, Les feuilles mortes, Mon légionnaire, Mon amant de la coloniale…

And, for the first time, an exclusive bonus: interviews with Edith Piaf in which she describes the early days, her encounter with Marguerite Monnot, Leplée’s suicide, the story behind the song La vie en rose

Charles Trenet – Y’a d’la joie (CD)


Collection PREMIERS SUCCES (first successes) – 24 popular songs from this great singer – songwriter; all his songs are emblematic: Y’a d’la joie, La mer, Je chante, Que reste-t-il de nos amours, Le temps des cerises…

BONUS: an exclusive interview with Charles Trenet in which he talks about his early days with Johnny Hess, his arrival in Paris, his love of art, his friendship with Antonin Artaud and Maurice Utrillo, his paintings…he recites a previously unpublished poem.

 I found him so striking, so perfect, that I could not wait…Charles TRENET, with his simplicity, was hardly conscious of the revolution that he was creating in music…

Jacques Canetti

Georges Brassens – Premiers succès (early successes) (2 CD)


2 CD – Collection PREMIERS SUCCES – 37 essential successes: Chanson pour l’Auvergnat, Le gorille, J’ai rendez-vous avec vous, Je me suis fait tout petit, Auprès de mon arbre, Le testament, Marinette, Le mauvais sujet repenti…

Jacques Canetti has always supported his artists against all odds

Georges Brassens

CD EDith Piaf - Premiers succèsOut Of Stock

Edith Piaf – Premiers succès


2 CD – 40 emblematic songs from La vie en rose to Hymne à l’amour, Padam padam, La goualante du Pauvre Jean, L’homme à la moto, Un homme comme les autres, Monsieur Lenoble, J’m’en fous pas mal….

I felt great admiration for this glowing fire, this voice that emanated more from the stomach than from the head. Two huge eyes, a sad gaze, gestures in which one could easily sense perfection…Edith Piaf had a fantastic impact…To give you this strength, this impact, it’s misfortune gives you that impact, not happiness

Jacques Canetti

Jeanne Moreau – Le meilleur Volume 2 (CD)

12.00 VAT included

This second album by Jeanne Moreau was released in 1966 and obtained the Grand Prix of the National Academy of French records in 1967.

All the songs were written by Serge Rezvani aka Bassiak and arranged by Elek Bacsik. They were carefully rehearsed by Jean-Jacques Robert on the piano and recorded at the Comédie des Champs-Élysées.

The musical accompaniment is simple: a single bass and Elek Bacsik’s guitar, and lyrics that highlight Jeanne Moreau’s personality perfectly.

Jeanne Moreau – Succès et confidences (CD)

19.00 VAT included

This 27 song “best-of” brings together the most successful works of the actress-singer such as songs by Serge Rezvani (aka Cyrus Bassiak), Norge, Elsa Triolet…

All the essential successes (Le Tourbillon, J’ai la mémoire qui flanche, La vie de Cocagne, La peau Léon…) and 5 previously unreleased songs including L’adolescente in a duo with Yves Duteil and her first two songs from 1953. And, for the first time, the 2005 previously unreleased version of Nombril remixed by Gringo Da Parada and Voltair (Etienne Daho’s team).

This best-of is accompanied by a luxurious 16 page booklet full of photographs and previously unpublished documents.