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Boris Vian Vinyl – La Bande à Bonnot

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Gatefold Vinyl – Remastered edition + 2 bonuses

La Bande à Bonnot

Paris 1954,  Henri-François Rey writes La Bande à Bonnot. He asks Boris Vian to write its songs. Hardly installed, the show, played at Théâtre du Quartier Latin, is removed from the display, probably because of censorship. The musical scores are lost.

Ursula Vian-Kubler found the manuscripts of Boris’ songs. In 1971, under the leadership of Jacques Canetti, the work is set to music by Louis Bessières in a “Three penny Opera” way .

In 1971, Jacques Canetti record these songs with Yves Robert, Judith Magre, Kim Ibarra, Maurice Barrier, Lucienne Vernay, Pierre Jamet and Cécile Vassort. A gem that has no age!

As a bonus, two songs whose texts have been outlined for the original show : “La java des chaussettes à clou” by Jacques Higelin and “L’anguille” by Magali Noël.

Vinyle BONNOT dos

Vinyl Simone Signoret – La Voix Humaine (Jean Cocteau)

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Deluxe Vinyle – Remastered edition


This album was recorded in 1964 by Jacques Canetti at Simone Signoret and Yves Montand’s home, Place Dauphine.

“Of all my plays, La Voix Humaine, written as a reaction against decorative research and amongst other things, against my taste for the inhuman, the fantastic and dreams, will without a doubt be the one that will put down the deepest roots into the solitude that this universe condemns us to, where tears continually triumph over laughter. Laughter is a defence mechanism. It tries to overcome the “difficulty of being” against which the instinct of self-preservation revolts.

Not only is the telephone sometimes more dangerous than a gun, but its meandering wire drains our strength and gives us nothing in exchange. I wrote this act as a solo for the human voice of an actress (or opera singer).”

Jean Cocteau

Vinyle SIGNORET dos

Vinyl Jacques Higelin et Brigitte Fontaine – Chansons d’avant le déluge

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Deluxe Vinyl  – Twin pocket – Remastered Edition.

In 1965, Jacques Canetti produced the first album of two unknown young singers : Brigitte Fontaine and Jacques Higelin. A few years later in 1967, they triumph in the musical “Maman, j’ai peur,” which saw the birth of cults duets “La grippe” or “Maman, j’ai peur”

Vinyle + CD Jacques Higelin chante Boris Vian et Higelin

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Gatefold Vinyl + CD – Twin Pocket  – Remastered edition

The first record of Jacques Higelin.

50 years of career in November 2015.


This is the first disc recorded by Jacques Higelin with Jacques Canetti between 1965 and 1966 …

Already wildly talented performer Higelin new songs of Boris Vian and his own compositions with Brigitte Fontaine and Mac Ormor. Jazzy songs, rock and gypsy …

The great Higelin, already at his debuts !

Vinyle HIGELIN dos

Vinyl Brigitte Fontaine – 13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques

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Deluxe Vinyle – Twin Pocket – Remastered version

Brigitte Fontaine’s first album for which she wrote all the lyrics, appeared under the title 13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques in 1966.

The lyrics and the music have not aged one bit. They remain surprisingly contemporary and already possess Brigitte Fontaine’s very particular mark and originality