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Jacques Higelin sings Vian and Higelin – Deluxe CD digipack

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The first record of Jacques Higelin.

50 years of career in November 2015.

2 CDBOX  with duets “bonus” Higelin/Fontaine

Digipack + CD with 13 songs + 16 pages booklet with unpublished photos

This is the first disc recorded by Jacques Higelin with Jacques Canetti between 1965 and 1966 …

Already wildly talented performer Higelin new songs of Boris Vian and his own compositions with Brigitte Fontaine and Mac Ormor. Jazzy songs, rock and gypsy …

The great Higelin, already at his debuts !


Mes 50 ans de chansons Jacques Canetti (4 CD / 1 DVD Edition)


CD-DVD Box set Jacques Canetti, Mes 50 ans de chansons

This 4 CD + 1 DVD box set retraces the producer, Jacques Canetti’s, incredible career and his “discoveries” with over 60 legendary artists, approximately 100 songs, previously unreleased, and unobtainable

Includes: a 24 page booklet and posters of the 20 “cult” shows at the Trois Baudets.


DVD: Previously unreleased 32 minute film with Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Guy Béart at Jacques Canetti’s home…the beginnings of Serge Gainsbourg, Serge Reggiani and Jeanne Moreau career’s on video.

CD1 L’homme des débuts et des premiers succès with Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, Juliette Gréco…

CD2 Les années d’indépendance with Jeanne Moreau, Serge Reggiani, Jacques Higelin and Brigitte Fontaine… previously unreleased songs by Michel Legrand, Mort Shuman…

CD3 Ils chantent les grands auteurs et les poètes with lyrics by Louis Aragon, Marguerite Duras, Norge

CD4 Le parcours initiatique with Charles Trenet, Duke Ellington…

Serge Reggiani … Toujours (CD)


This CD is a must have tribute to re-discover the great Serge’s repertoire in music.

14 of his most successful songs in their original version

Le petit garçon, Les loups sont entrés dans Paris, Ma liberté, Sarah…

4 unpublished live recordings: Et puis, Votre fille a vingt ans, Il suffirait de presque rien, L’italien
A tribute to Serge Reggiani read by Patrick Bruel, Isabelle Boulay, Carole Laure, Robert Hossein and Georges Moustaki…

+ A mon public (to my fans): the best of of his last recording (2003), in which he addresses Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Simone Signoret, Romy Schneider, Barbara, Boris Vian, Lino Ventura, Michel Piccoli and his wife, Noëlle Adam Reggiani, in the form of letters.
4 recordings from his first album with lyrics by Boris Vian
Découvrez la vidéo YouTube

Simone Signoret – La Voix Humaine (Jean Cocteau) (CD)

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This album was recorded in 1964 by Jacques Canetti at Simone Signoret and Yves Montand’s home, Place Dauphine.

“Of all my plays, La Voix Humaine, written as a reaction against decorative research and amongst other things, against my taste for the inhuman, the fantastic and dreams, will without a doubt be the one that will put down the deepest roots into the solitude that this universe condemns us to, where tears continually triumph over laughter. Laughter is a defence mechanism. It tries to overcome the “difficulty of being” against which the instinct of self-preservation revolts.

Not only is the telephone sometimes more dangerous than a gun, but its meandering wire drains our strength and gives us nothing in exchange. I wrote this act as a solo for the human voice of an actress (or opera singer).”

Jean Cocteau

The Alphabet in 26 songs from Boris Vian and Lucienne Vernay/Majestic Editions


Songbook & CD audio box. These 26 texts by Boris Vian are small treats for children’s literature, alternately malicious, mischievous and tender. On the music of Lucienne Vernay, arranged by the musicians of Debout Sur Le Zinc, letters of the alphabet are fun to sing. This Song Book is accompanied by an audio CD that invites you to discover the melody and instrumental accompaniment of 26 songs of this book. You will be able to sing or play the songs as you would with a real orchestra!


A as Anatole B as Berthe C as Célestin D as Désir E as Eugène F as François G as Gaston H as Henri I as Irma J as Joseph K as Kléber L as Louis M as Marcel N as Nicolas O as Oscar P as Pierre Q as Quintal R as Raoul S as Suzanne T as Thérèse U as Ursule V as Victor W as William X as Xavier Y as Yvonne Z as Zoé. This CD-book was nominated for the Award for Musical Creation of CSDEM.Prix de la création musicale Label CSDEM


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Original versions, high resolution mastering

Texts and photos

The 3 Baudets theater historical posters (1947-1967)

2015: Jacques Higelin at the Philharmonie de Paris, Léo Ferré at la Comédie Française, Juliette Gréco on tour throughout France, Jacques Brel at the Prague National Theatre, Edith Piaf centenary in December, Charles Trenet re-enchanted by Benjamin Biolay, Brassens revisited by Alexis HK …

Here are some happy events-songs that mark the coming weeks.

All are linked to the “Canetti Years” those legendary years that saw France emerge songwriters and performers.

We are in 1950 and the territory of that expression is not a country but a language : French.

A new singing movement is born. Rebel, dissident, anti-military, carried by Trenet, Lemarque, Brassens, Brel, Leclerc, Béart, Ferré, Aznavour, Vian, Gainsbourg, Sylvestre, etc.

A visionary artistic director, Jacques Canetti, will meet in their infancy all these “unknown” and create the conditions for their development, whether on disk, in the Theatre of the 3 Baudets or touring. He will build patiently – but surely! – The careers of these legends of the song.

Françoise, daughter of Jacques Canetti, lived these “Canetti Years” and revive them for you in this package that brings together the most representative songs of this period, in their original version remastered for an unequalled sound quality.


It also features a large poster made with the historical posters of the 3 Baudet Theatre (1947-1967), where most of them started: What show did Jacques Brel, Boris Vian and Jean Yanne meet ? What show sealed the friendship between Félix Leclerc and Raymond Devos ? When Henri Salvador and Georges Brassens shared the same bill ? With whom Serge Gainsbourg did start?

ANNEES CANETTI poster recto

This double vinyl + double CD box tells the story of the French song writers through the discoveries of Jacques Canetti and the gems of his label. A must-have for French music lovers !

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FELIX LECLERC – Le p’tit bonheur (CD)


Includes 20 successful songs by the man nicknamed « The Canadian » at the beginning of his career in France with Jacques Canetti: Moi, mes souliers, L’hymne au printemps, Bozo, Le galérien…

And, for the first time, an exclusive bonus: interviews with Félix Leclerc in which he talks about his friendship with Jacques Canetti, his beginnings, the show Le p’tit bonheur, Canadian music…


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Inventaire Jacques PRÉVERT


3 CD box set including a BONUS CD with VIDEOS

A beautiful box set for fans of la chanson française (Canal +/La Matinale) / Ovations: Prévert celebrated (Le Nouvel Obs) 

Our greatest singers and actors perform JACQUES PREVERT:

Charlotte Rampling, Jeanne Moreau, Serge Reggiani, Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Juliette Gréco, Jean-Claude Brialy, les Frères Jacques, Mouloudji, Richard Bohringer, Brigitte Fossey, Simone Signoret, Philippe Léotard, Annie Girardot, Ludmila Mikael, Magali Noël, Catherine Arditi, Catherine Sauvage, Cora Vaucaire… and Jacques Prévert reading his own poems.


– 20 SONGS and 38 Poems

– 2 EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS of the author

– A luxurious BOX SET including a booklet of photographs and unpublished documents

Serge Reggiani – 12 original hits (CD)


In 1967, Serge Reggiani recorded, with Jacques Canetti, his second album composed of 12 unpublished songs by artists such as Georges Moustaki, Serge Gainsbourg and even Jean-Loup Dabadie…

This album launched Reggiani and placed him alongside the best.

It was original with texts read by Serge and excerpts from poems by Baudelaire, Apollinaire, Rimbaud and Prévert used as preludes to 4 of his songs.

All the songs on this album are hits: that is why this album remains THE reference for the great Serge’s career.

Le petit garçon was number 1 for months on all the radio stations.

Right up until the end of his life, Serge Reggiani began his performances with Ma Liberté and ended them with Le petit garçon and Les loups sont entrés dans Paris.

Serge Reggiani sings Boris Vian (CD)


Published in 1965, this first album marks a decisive turn in Serge Reggiani’s career. Jacques Canetti was the one who introduced the actor to music by offering him these 12 Boris Vian songs during an impromptu encounter at Simone Signoret and Yves Montand’s home.

Accompanied by the music of Louis Bessières, Michel Auzépy, Alain Goraguer, M. Philippe-Gérard and Jimmy Walter (Boris Vian’s pianist), Serge Reggiani revealed his voice with its unique tone and put his talent for acting to use with these great lyrics.

The album received the Grand Prix from the Charles Cros academy.

It includes: Arthur où t’as mis le corps, Le déserteur, Que tu es impatiente la mort, Je bois …
Grand Prix de L'académie Charles Cros

Jeanne Moreau – Succès et confidences (CD/DVD)


In 1962, François Truffaut offered Jeanne Moreau the role of Catherine in Jules et Jim. This film was to propel her to the rank of international stardom and allow her talent for singing to be discovered.

For the first time, this luxurious CD-DVD box set brings together all the successes of the actress-singer including the most beautiful songs of Bassiak, Norge, Elsa Triolet

This box set includes:

A best of CD including 27 songs with all her best successes and 5 previously unpublished songs

The first DVD of Jeanne Moreau with 1 hour 50 minutes of unpublished videos (scopitones, music from her films, galas, recitals, interviews…)

A 16 page booklet full of photographs and unpublished documents

Brigitte Fontaine – 13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques / Dévastes Moi (CD)


Brigitte Fontaine – 13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques / Dévastes Moi (CD)

Brigitte Fontaine’s first album for which she wrote all the lyrics, appeared under the title 13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques in 1966.

The lyrics and the music have not aged one bit. They remain surprisingly contemporary and already possess Brigitte Fontaine’s very particular mark and originality.

CD/DVD Serge Reggiani cote scene, cote coeurOut Of Stock

Serge Reggiani, songs from the stage and from the heart


For the first time, 7 hours of UNPUBLISHED IMAGES and a best-of CD about his life, his work, his music, on stage, backstage, documentaries and interviews…Discover REGGIANI as you have never seen him before !

 In 1964, it was just after the film L’ENFER that Serge gave up cinema for a long while and started his singing career thanks to the producer Jacques Canetti.

A previously unpublished music video has been made from the footage of the film L’enfer reuniting Serge and Romy around Serge’s most beautiful songs. This box set will delight all of Serge Reggiani’s and Romy Schneider’s fans.

CD: 28 songs – The best live recordings from 1969 to 1976.

Bonus: A tribute to Romy 

DVD 1, PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED: for the first time 49 SONGS accompanied by images: his greatest performances on television and on stage (Dim Dam dom, Télé Dimanche, Bobino, Numéro 1, Champs Elysées…) from 1967 to 1985: emotion guaranteed !

DVD 2, PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED (2 hours 30 minutes): 13 documentaries from 1957 to 1969 – Travel with Serge to the heart of his life and his talents.

1964: a turning point in his career. After L’enfer by H.G.Clouzot with Romy Schneider, he turned to a singing career.

With a wonderful tribute to Romy: coverage, interviews and shoots from 1955 to 1981

DVD 3, PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED (2 hours and 30 minutes): 13 documentaries from 1970 to 1985 – From the cursed actor to his peak in music – Serge discusses his surprising career with honesty and tenderness.

Serge Reggiani…Intime (Unpublished DVD and collector CD)


Unpublished DVD and collector CD

DVD: DE FORCE AVEC D’AUTRES (previously unpublished as a DVD) – A French film by Simon REGGIANI (1992) – In colour – Length 1 hour 35 minutes – with Serge Reggiani, Simon Reggiani, Ferrucio Soleri, Daniel Gélin, Denis Lavant, Elsa Zylberstein, Pascale Vignal, Antoine Chappey, Letizia Reggiani (Serge’s mother), Pandora Reggiani (Simon’s daughter), Noëlle Adam Reggiani (Serge’s wife), Célia Reggiani (Serge’s daughter), jean-François Stévenin… Music by Célia Reggiani et Sylvano Michelino, filmed by Alain Choquart, edited by Catherine Bonetat, sound by J.M.Chauvet.

A son reaches out a hand to his father whom he feels is drifting away. Simon films Serge Reggiani with modesty and love TELERAMA / From father to film, a successful gamble taken by the Reggiani family LE MONDE / An unveiling of emotions. Shattering LE NOUVEL OBS / Father and son can be proud of each another STUDIO / Its a cry of love from a son full of admiration for his father, a singer and actor who became an alcoholic by force of circumstance. So beautiful one could cry AVANT SCENE CINEMA

CD Every hit re-mastered, 25 songs, 10 original hits and 10 more from a previously unpublished concert + unpublished interviews, poems, letters

Serge Reggiani on stage (CD)


Rediscover the best moments of the grand period of Reggiani on stage during his tours in Quebec in 1969, 1971 and 1976.

For the first time, a double CD of Serge Reggiani live with:

  • 29 songs in previously unpublished versions
  • including 2 duos with his son Stéphan REGGIANI
  • an added bonus: 3 exclusive interviews
  • a booklet with unpublished documents


All his greatest hits (Le petit garçon, Les loups sont entrés dans Paris, Sarah, L’Italien, Ma liberté...)

Poems by Prévert, Apollinaire, Baudelaire as preludes to his songs

Some less well known songs to discover (Arlequin assassiné, Ballade pour un traitre, le souffleur…)