Brigitte Fontaine et Jacques Higelin – Chansons d’avant le déluge (CD)


In 1965, Jacques Canetti produced the first album of two unknown young singers : Brigitte Fontaine and Jacques Higelin. A few years later in 1967, they triumph in the musical “Maman, j’ai peur,” which saw the birth of cults duets “La grippe” or “Maman, j’ai peur”

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Artists story

Brigitte Fontaine

Born during Saint John in 1827 or in 2043 (on the spur of the moment), Brigitte Fontaine, besides the cult singer that everyone knows, is a writer, actress, playwright, novelist and poet, she has earned through a career started in 1965 with Jacques Canetti, the image of a unique and singular singer in the French musical landscape.

Jacques Higelin

Jacques Higelin is only 15 years old when he auditioned in front of the Trois Baudets theater created by Jacques Canetti. Ten years later, Canetti allows him to record his first album on texts by Boris Vian. The route of Jacques Higelin is both unusual and exemplary. It is indeed one of the first French artists to dare and assume ihis rock & roll roots. A true free spirit, Jacques Higelin has always kept a rare retreat from the entertainment world and reinvents itself with each album.

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