Serge Reggiani … Toujours (CD)


This CD is a must have tribute to re-discover the great Serge’s repertoire in music.

14 of his most successful songs in their original version

Le petit garçon, Les loups sont entrés dans Paris, Ma liberté, Sarah…

4 unpublished live recordings: Et puis, Votre fille a vingt ans, Il suffirait de presque rien, L’italien
A tribute to Serge Reggiani read by Patrick Bruel, Isabelle Boulay, Carole Laure, Robert Hossein and Georges Moustaki…

+ A mon public (to my fans): the best of of his last recording (2003), in which he addresses Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Simone Signoret, Romy Schneider, Barbara, Boris Vian, Lino Ventura, Michel Piccoli and his wife, Noëlle Adam Reggiani, in the form of letters.
4 recordings from his first album with lyrics by Boris Vian
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Artist story

Born May 2, 1922, Serge Reggiani is a multifaceted French artist of Italian origin. Actor in the first part of his career (Casque d’or, L’enfer, Le doulos…), he turns to a singing career in 1963 by Jacques Canetti. Accompanied by famous lyricists : Boris Vian, Georges Moustaki, Jean-Loup Dabadi  and Claude Lemesle among others. He leads an exceptional interpreter career and actor in parallel until his death in 2004.

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